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2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QGP
Welcome to The Bus
Julie and I wanted to get away, but we still have to work for a few more years. After deciding that we enjoyed the RV lifestyle, we decided that we wanted to upgrade from our 2003 Allegro Bus 38TGP. We wanted a larger bathroom, more carrying capacity and more of a homey feel but we also wanted to keep the budget in check. We also decided that we wanted to stay with Tiffin because of the quality of our existing coach.

What we found is that Tiffin motor coaches do not stay for sale for long. We looked at many coaches and tried to make offers and deposits on several but by the time we made the decision to move forward, a deposit was already placed on the coach so we moved on and continued our search. We finally came across a 2011 Allegro Bus 43QGP in Kentucky and were able to make an offer and place a deposit on it before someone stole it out from under us. The inspection went well and we ended up purchasing the coach.

The Bus is our happy place.

The pictures that got us looking at this coach are here.

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