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Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards - Airplane

1. A-G: Fundamentals Of Instructing  (doc)
2. A-N: Technical Subject Areas  (doc)
3. A-E: Pre Flight Preperation  (doc)
4. A: Pre-Flight Lesson on a Maeuver To Be Performed In Flight  (doc)
5. A-G: Pre-Flight Procedures  (doc)
6. A-C: Airport and Seaplane Base Operations  (doc)
7. A-M: Takeoffs, Landings, and Go-Arounds  (doc)
8. A-D: Fundamentals of Flight  (doc)
9. A-D: Performance Maneuvers  (doc)
10. A-D: Ground Reference Maneuvers  (doc)
11. A-H: Slow Flight, Stalls, and Spins  (doc)
12. A-E: Basic Instrument Maneuvers  (doc)
13. A-D: Emergency Operations  (doc)
14. A-E: Post-Flight Procedures  (doc)

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